Monday, January 2, 2012

Journey so far

You got job and you got car. So naturally you commute to work by car. At least I did, for many years. My commute was and still is 8km/way (about 5mi). Then my family grow and we faced challenge. We needed another car, for my commute. Wife needed our sole car for her duties. After much contemplation we decided not to have another car but instead scooter. That seemed like good idea. Smaller acquisition cost, less insurance fees, better mileage per liter, more fresh air:)  Yep all true. So I bought Chinese scooter(very cheap) and commuted two years to work and back home with it.

Over the years my BMI sneaked from 20 to 26,5  (little overweight) due to lack of exercise. I didn't pay any attention about it for long time. My sole mean of exercise was weekly one hour floorball game. I didn't used to run, I had no bicycle.

Fortunately for me, my scooter was starting to have engine problems that I couldn't solve.At same time my weight had started to bother me, like jeans with bigger waist, longer belt...

I counted how much my "cheap" scooter yearly maintenance costs were. They were almost 600€/year. Then it dawned me, I could have pretty good bicycle much lower than that. And at the same time I could also tackle the problem of big belly.

For sale my scooter went. Then I bought bicycle. And I started to commute to work by it. Every day, 80km/week. And later I started to run occasionally to work. not too often but when body felt like it.

One year later(now) my BMI is 22,  I am much easier person than before, stress tolerance has improved and quality of life is much higher. There is no going back to motorized commuting.

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  1. Congrats:
    'One small step for man
    One big leap for mankind! '
    Pronounced our Earth's first moonwalker,
    You have started your own "new small steps" in many ways! :)